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Built on the foundation of almost 3 decades of experience in the consumer appliance industry, Avance has created some of the most successful brands that are dominating the market today.


Reshaping the industry through the years

Having to depend on 3rd party manufacturers and suppliers almost always, we realized the need to create our own manufacturing and assembly platform to build the quality of products we envisioned.


In 2020, we inaugurated our very won state-of-the-art manufacturing set-up. This opened doors to a partnership with OEMs from India and beyond.

Office Meeting

Our Team.

Meet our team of 200 management, engineering, and manufacturing experts who are ready to revolutionize the industry and take India to new heights! Our team understands the pulse of the Indian customer like no other.

Our Journey So Far


First Manufacturing and Assembly Hub opened, serving 1 customer


Team reached 100+ members

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